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The Top 10 Articles from the DevRelX 2022

The start of 2023 marks a 3-year anniversary of DevRelX! Our team had already brought you 68 issues of our bi-weekly newsletter. Each issue consists of industry news, trends, resources, developer data and more. All for your best Developer Relations experience!

Last year we took a step further and extended the DevRelX hub to a community-led platform. Learn about our new initiatives, community space, and opportunities to connect with and learn from peers here. Join to take part in, shape, and lead more community programs and events. Access support and exclusive industry insights first.

We also welcomed a record number of guest blog contributors. Let’s look back at some of the pieces that caught our readers’ attention the most. Here are the Top 10 Articles on from last year! (Hover over each header to read each piece)

Our 7th annual DevRelX Summit welcomed over 500 participants and covered a range of topics from the Cross-functional value of DevRel to Key Success Metrics and KPIs, Web3, Community-led growth, Developer Education, Product Adoption and more.

Missed? Re-watch here!

Our friends at share tips to help you understand your developer community's content needs and find the right writers to create it.

After seeing a wave of layoffs, we couldn’t hold back and put together a set of initiatives to support those affected. Our fantastic members stepped up to support peers and contribute!

Rex St John, Founder of Taroko Technologies, looked into the future of Developer Relations when Web3 is the new standard.

Yuri Santana talked about documentation as your first contact with developers interested in your product. And how to get them coming back for more.

Wesley Faulkner shared very practical and effective tools and tips on how to best position yourself and pick the right next step in your career.

Our community members, hosted by Karl Hughes, defined where to focus your content effort as you start going into the developer market.

Sarah Lean walked us through challenges and inspirations in the Developer Advocate role. Filled with personal experience.

Miguel Palma discussed drivers and challenges for B2D marketing success. Presenting metrics and backed tips for your developer program.

Chris Riley wishes to create awareness around neurodivergent tech professionals. And calls on everyone to embrace the beautiful world of diverse minds – to reduce stigma and unlock talent. Chris also delivered a talk on the subject at the DevRelX Summit:

🎉 Bonus: Top 3 articles of 2021 with the most visits during 2022

Ready to share your story in 2023? Or want to give us suggestions on what topics you would like to see covered more? 👇


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