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DevRel in Web3 with Rex St John

Theme of the week: How will Web3 affect DevRel?

In this episode, we look into the future of Developer Relations and what DevRel will look like when Web3 is the new standard. Our guest in this episode is Rex St John, Founder of Taroko Technologies who also authored a chapter in our "Developer Marketing & Relations: The Essential Guide".

We talk about DevRel and Web3 and more specifically:

  • What is Web3 and what does it mean for developer platforms and technologies

  • How does Web3 affect developer relations and developer marketing

  • Whether Web3 will affect developer communities

  • How can organizations best approach or attract Web3 developers

  • The key emerging trends in Web3 developers

  • How Web3 will impact silicon, edge computing, sensors, AI and IoT

  • What the world will look like in three years if Web3 is successful

Listen to this episode to better understand how Web3 will affect DevRel:

Graph Rex chose to talk about: The Global Developer Population at SlashData Dashboards.

Rex is a software engineer, technical evangelist and community organizer working on edge computing, IoT and web3 technologies. He is also the Founder of Taroko Technologies.


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