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Developer Marketing Strategy with Gary Gonzalez & Moschoula Kramvousanou

Theme of the week:

How do you give developers what they need?

In this special episode, we're joined by two guests: - Gary Gonzalez, Managing Director at Catchy

- Moschoula Kramvousanou, CEO at SlashData

Together we discuss developer marketing, the industry and what developers expect from developer programs and marketers. More specifically:

  • The most common business problems their clients are trying to solve

  • Where to start when you need to build a developer marketing strategy from scratch.

  • What developers need from Marketers vs what they are getting

  • What companies in the Game Developer Marketing space have solved that other areas still haven’t

  • Their predictions on the challenges the industry will face in 2022

  • The trends/hot topics of 2022

Listen to this episode to better understand developer marketing and how to build your strategy to give developers what they need.

Gary Gonzalez is an audience obsessed, data-driven marketer clinging to the belief that good advertising is a blend of art and science, Gary is the Managing Partner at Catchy. Working with clients such as Acer, Xbox, SAP, Huawei and Microsoft, his work focuses on understanding the cultural and technological underpinnings of audience economics to drive business results at scale. Linkedin

Moschoula Kramvousanou has been with SlashData since 2017. She has served the company through her roles as Head of Client Relations and Strategic Partnerships. Her contribution has been pivotal in leading the company's growth, while being the catalyst of several changes across the company, forging valuable relationships with clients and partners, while her understanding of the market and clients’ needs has helped propel forward every team. Linkedin


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