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Building DevRel Strategy with Sean Falconer

Theme of the week:

How do you start building your DevRel strategy?

In this episode, we're joined by Sean Falconer, Head of Developer Relations at Skyflow to talk about:

  • His priorities when it comes to DevRel strategy

  • How he measures the success of his strategy

  • How he articulates the value of Developer Relations

  • How much the business should care about DevRel

  • Developer Lifetime Value

  • How to build a DevRel team

  • Influencing change to the product to do what’s right for your audience

  • ...and more

Listen to this episode to better understand how to build your DevRel strategy!

Let's talk data! Sean chose to talk about How developer program leaders segment their audience.

Sean Falconer is the Head of Developer Relations at Skyflow. Prior to Skyflow, he led developer relations for Google’s Business Communications product suite, founded and was a Postdoctoral student in Bioinformatics at Stanford University.

He's worked on everything from web, Android and iOS, chatbots, and desktop apps, to applications of data mining, ML and information visualisation.


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