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DevRel is a cost center, yet essential with Michael Heap

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Theme of the week:

Is DevRel a cost centre?

In this episode, we are joined by Michael Heap, Director of DevRel and DX at Kong Inc to discuss the business value of Developer Relations and how to measure this value.

Together we talked about:

  • What he loves most about developer relations

  • His biggest challenges

  • The skills that matter for DevRel hires

  • Why DevRel is a cost centre

  • Why should “the business” care about DevRel

  • How he proves the value of DevRel to senior management

  • How can DevRel be a catalyst to business performance

  • Whether DevRel should be a stand-alone department

  • How to write good documentation

Listen to this episode to better understand the business value of developer relations.

Let's talk data! Michael chose to talk about Developer Team Leads are calling the shots.

Michael Heap is a product minded engineer with a passion for helping people and over a decade of commercial experience. Confident and adaptable, Michael loves to help out wherever an extra pair of hands is needed. Self-organizing, and dedicated to getting the job done.


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