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Developer Education & Enablement

Theme of the week

Do VCs care for developer education?

With more and more software-driven and developer-focused startups and companies popping up, it's only natural that we should look into what VCs think about developer education and also enablement.

To discuss this, we are joined by Nate Aune , founder and CEO of Appsembler and Shannon Bradshaw - Education Partner at Unusual Ventures.

Here are the topics we discussed:

  • Has the VCs’ appetite for developer education topics changed?

  • Do VCs care for developer education or enablement?

  • Why is developer enablement important to VCs?

  • How can one convince VCs of the value of developer education?

  • What kind of metrics can you use to prove its value?

  • What type of developer enablement strategy or focus can influence VC buy-in?

  • How do you expect developer education or enablement to evolve in the future?

And more!

Listen to this episode to better understand what we mean by "developer education & enablement" and what VCs think of it.

Shannon Bradshaw is Education Partner at Unusual Ventures, responsible for overall content strategy at Unusual and education services for the Get Ahead Platform. Prior to joining Unusual Ventures, Shannon was an executive at MongoDB, Inc. from their time as a startup through IPO and beyond. At MongoDB, he led the MongoDB University and Documentation teams with an education strategy that continues to drive widespread adoption of MongoDB software and services.

Nate Aune plays a strong community role in the development of Open Source Software. As a social entrepreneur, he values openness, transparency and sustainable development. Nate thrives on exploring ideas with smart creative people, and then executing on those ideas.


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