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Content that developers love

Theme of the week: How do you create content developers love?

Content marketing is a key tool marketers use to increase the awareness of their product, help their users find answers to common questions and solve problems. What happens when the content becomes problematic and instead of solving problems, creates more?

Raphael Mun joined us to talk about content. Here are the topics we covered.

  • How are developers' content expectations different from that of a non-technical audience? How?

  • Why does “typical” content marketing fall flat with this audience?

  • What ticks developers off?

  • What do developers want from a content piece?

  • What makes a content piece engaging?

  • What’s the format that most developers prefer?

  • Reinventing the wheel? What aspects of “typical” content marketing still successfully apply to developers?

  • What should your marketing team do to produce content the developers will love?

  • And more!

Listen to this episode to better understand what developers expect from the content you produce.

Let’s talk Data! This is the graph we discuss with Raphael: Developer Team Leads are calling the shots Raphael Mun has worked on 10 different startups and worked with many more, finding product-market fit, architecting and building products and developing partnerships, and growing their user base through various lean marketing strategies. He has also authored numerous expert-level articles and content on AI, Cloud, and Best Practices. Join the Future Developer Summit Episode 4 on December 8: The evolution of Developers and DevRel We want to make this podcast better for you! Take a few minutes to take our short survey.


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