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Positioning your product with Emily Omier

Theme of the week:

How important is the positioning of your product or OSS project?

Ask any marketer and they will tell you positioning is K-E-Y.

Sure, that is true for consumer or B2B products and services. Is it that important for an audience that is very technical and cares about solving problems?

Spoiler alert: it is important, especially when your consumers can actually look under the hood and see what it is you are offering to them (pun intended).

Emily Omier joined us to talk positioning and we also talked about:

  • What do we mean when we say “positioning”

  • How is positioning developer tools different from consumer product positioning

  • Why does it matter to developers how you will position your product

  • Should OSS or commercial projects try creating a new category?

  • Does creating new categories create confusion? How does it affect developers?

  • Which is the best positioning strategy?

  • How important is segmentation in this strategy?

  • What's in the “how to position your product/project” effectively checklist?

  • And more!

Listen to this episode to better understand developer advocates.

Let’s talk Data!

This is the graph we discuss with Emily: Kubernetes users influence decisions

Emily Omier is a former journalist and marketing writer who helps entrepreneurial engineers articulate their product’s value and get more ideal customers. She hosts The Business of Cloud Native, a podcast about the business side of cloud native and open source technology, contributes to The New Stack and writes the Positioning Open Source blog. More info.


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