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Developer Advocates with Anna Tsolakou

Theme of the week:

Which characteristics or traits developer advocates need to have?

What do developer advocates do? They connect and engage with developers and are the bridge between the company and its developer audience.

Anna Tsolakou, Developer Advocate at Amadeus for Developers joins our podcast to discuss:

  • What developer advocacy is

  • What she loves most about being a developer advocate

  • What has been her biggest challenge in developer advocacy

  • What is the most important trait/characteristic someone in developer advocacy should have

  • What advice she would give to someone who is new to their developer advocate role

  • In which department developer advocates fit within the company

  • How can we connect and then engage with developers

  • Why an advocacy team is needed when a business has an API

  • How can we improve developers’ experience with our API/product/service

  • How a smooth feedback process can improve that experience

And more!

Listen to this episode to better understand developer advocates.

Let’s talk Data!

Anna Tsolakou is a software engineer working as a Developer Advocate at Amadeus. She loves to wear different hats and DevRel is the ideal world for her to fulfil her expectations; software development and connecting with people at the same time. Passionate about open-source and AI.


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