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Tech Industry pioneers from the world’s largest tech companies, share insight on developer marketing success. Listen to the industry’s biggest challenges and how to overcome them. In every episode, each special guest covers a *hot* developer marketing topic.

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Hosted by

Stathis Georgakopoulos


Stathis was involved behind the scenes, in the conception and production of the podcast since day 1. Always keen to see what’s next in the industry, he is part of the SlashData marketing team, running the marketing activities and is your go-to-guy for all things about the podcast and the book Developer Marketing+Relations: The Essential Guide”.

Since mid-season 2, he is the podcast host.

Jo Stichbury


Jo was the first host of this podcast with 20 years’ experience in the software industry, including 8 years of low-level mobile development. She is specialised in setting up new developer communities and populating them with useful content, having worked in this capacity at Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Symbian and Nature Publishing Group. Jo typically writes about software development, machine intelligence, computer games, electric and driverless vehicles, and the future of transport. She holds an MA and a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.