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MasterTips: Developer-led growth

Theme of the week:

Developer-led growth

The latest Under the Hood of Developer Marketing podcast episode is called “Developer-led growth". It's part of our MasterTips series, where we share with you tips and best practices from leading professionals.

This time around, we brought together 4 industry leaders to discuss what developer-led means to them in a panel held on June 9 during the Future Developer Summit Episode 2.

Tyler Jewell, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital

Kimberlee Archer, Head Of Global Marketing - Augmented Reality & Camera at Snap Inc.

Patrick Chanezon, GM, Cloud Developer Advocacy at Microsoft

Emilio Salvador, PM, Cloud Developer Advocacy at Google

Host: Andreas Constantinou, CEO & Founder at SlashData

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • What are the new audiences and how are they different?

  • GenZ developers, creators, citizen developers

  • Developers vs creators

  • What "developer-led" means

  • Low-code platforms

  • How are organisations adapting to new audiences

  • How are we moving from apps to platform and from consumer to developer audience

And more!

Listen to this episode to see what "developer-led" businesses prioritise in their strategies.


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