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MasterTips: Open Source

Today's episode is about Open Source. And who is better to talk about it than an industry all-star panel! This episode is part of our MasterTips series, which include tips from industry leaders. It is a panel discussion from the Future Developer Summit, an exclusive event for developer marketing industry leaders. The discussion focuses on Open Source software and contributions, from the following industry all-stars:

  • Chris DiBona, Director of Open Source at Google,

  • Nithya Ruff, Executive Director of OSPO at Comcast,

  • Stormy Peters, Director of Open Source Office at Microsoft

  • And the panel moderator: Sam Ramji, CTO at DataStax

Some of the topics they discussed are:

  • How does your company decide when to contribute to Open Source?

  • Are there projects from hobbyists that drive major company contributions?

  • How can we open up Open Source?

  • Should we include non-developers in Open Source for content and use-cases?

  • What job title will help you be more successful in OSPO? Do you really need a title?

All these questions answered in our latest episode.

Don’t worry that you missed the event. You can watch all sessions on-demand at


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