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Our Response to Uncertainty in DevRel & Tech Jobs Market

This September, the DevRelX Community is hosting its first Career month!

In light of recent turbulent news and uncertainty across job markets globally, we want to respond by encouraging industry knowledge share and peer connections. This month we are focusing on career conversations on our DevRelX community Slack, blog and newsletter. Continue reading to learn about some of the activities, and how you can take part in the initiative.

1. Events

Over the past few months, we hosted our first three community-led sessions around DevRel strategy, Developer Content and Measuring Community Engagement, each of which was hosted by one of DevRelX's members & friends, presenting tips and promoting group roundtable discussions.

As part of Career Month, we invite you to our next session on September 14 - "Setting up For Success in Your Next Role" hosted by Wesley Faulkner, Sr. Community Manager at AWS. You will have an opportunity to learn about:

  • Effective tools to help your visibility and help you put your best foot forward

  • Steps to define and find the right match when looking for the next opportunity

  • How to best position yourself and set yourself up for success in your next role

If you're looking for that next gig or want to share your experience, join the group!

On October 12&13 we are also hosting our annual DevRelX Summit, bringing you lots of industry panels, workshops and talks focused on what matters to the Developer Relations community the most. Learn more at

2. Talent Spotlight

Hiring or on the lookout? In the next few DevRelX newsletter issues, we'd like to give a spotlight to members who are looking for their next role*. If you'd like to be featured or know someone who would benefit from this opportunity, connect with us and share your short bio, a quote representing your mindset and a link to your LinkedIn or personal site.

*We will give a priority to those who were recently laid off but will try to support everyone in their growth.

If you have a job opening, let us know too! We will make sure to spread the word around.

3. Community Voice

This month's Community Voice column (see its recap in issue #59) will be dedicated to career conversations. DevRelX community members will be invited to share challenges and tips around hiring, interviews and professional growth such as:

  • What is a possible succession path for someone in DevRel?

  • Interview & Recruitment tips

  • What skills should one consider developing when deciding to pursue a career in DevRel?

Would like to share your tips with peers? Join the community and be part of the conversation!

4. Career Counseling

Pursuing your next role search or are preparing for an interview? A few of our members who have kindly agreed to allocate office hours available to those who would like to pick the recruiter's mind around the interview preparation, soft skills development and more, depending on where one is in their career. Interested in participating? Reach out to Viktorija, our Community Lead on Slack.

5. Guest Blog

Have an article idea or a story that would help others in their professional journey? We would love to welcome you as a guest author and feature your post on our blog and DevRelX newsletter. Let's talk!

We also invite you to share any useful articles or other resources around professional growth, challenges and opportunities around recruitment and working in DevRel.

And if you have any other ideas on you and we as a community could support peers during uncertain times, we would love to hear those!

Lastly, a big shout out to everyone who has already shown enthusiasm in contributing to this initiative and offered their time to support peers: Wesley Faulkner, Pratim Bhosale, Mila Vukojevic, EiEi Tun, Prathvi Shetty, Victor Becerra, Olga Koenig, Pragati Verma, Billy Lim and likely You! 💜


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