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Elevating the DevRel Community, together | DevRelX Summit 2022

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

It’s time for the community to take over, turning the Future Developer Summit into an interactive experience of knowledge and expertise sharing: the DevRelX Summit.

Community-led Experience

In 2021, our event series DevRel, the next day hit record participation of over 1,000 attendees. Save the date! On Oct 12 & 13, 2022 the DevRelX Summit strikes back with:

  • Panels

  • Community-led sessions

  • Lightning talks

  • Exclusive sessions and leadership workshops

Moschoula Kramvousanou, event's host and CEO at SlashData, invites industry leaders and all Developer Relations, Marketing, Experience and Advocacy professionals and enthusiasts to join the Summit and contribute to the greater knowledge share in our industry!

Watch the full video invitation and grab your virtual seat at the DevRelX Summit 2022.

2022 Edition Brings You

This year we are taking a step further to bring you a community-centric event design that enables more community members to voice ideas that matter the most. We will talk about and tackle together common challenges you and your DevRel peers face, and prompt important industry conversations around opportunities or trends that are not being discussed enough. For more details visit

🎙️ Industry Panels

Impact Via Influence: Keys to DevRel Success within the Organization

Mary Thengvall - Director of Developer Relations at Camunda

Waqas Makhdum - Head of DevRel & Community at Snowflake

Katie Miller - Director, Developer Marketing at Slack

Host: Sean Falconer - Head of Developer Relations at Skyflow

Developer Journey: Key Metrics and Initiatives to Drive Success

Jennifer Sable Lopez - Head of Developer Relations at Contentful

Chris Bledsoe - Head of Developer Relations at Workday

Jeff Bull - Sr. Manager, Developer Advocacy at Cisco DevRel

Host: Vera Tiago - Manager, Developer Advocacy at OutSystems

The Decentralization of Developers: DevRel in the light of Web3*

Johanna Moran - Head of Dev Outreach Program at Algorand

Mei Chan - Director of Product Marketing at ConsenSys

Melodi Kaya - Head of Developer Marketing at Chainlink Labs

Host: Gary Gonzalez - Managing Partner at Catchy

⚙️ Workshops

Drafting impact-driven DevRel Strategy

Tessa Kriesel - Head of Developer Relations at Snap

Community-led growth: Defining Community KPIs and Scaling Your Efforts*

Jono Bacon - Community and Collaboration Consultant and Author

🧑‍🚀 Deep Dives

How to Ensure the Success of Your Technical Content Efforts

Clayton Kast - Lead Account Manager at

Emerging developer profiles: Who will shape the future of the development* ecosystem?

Christina Voskoglou - VP of Research & Product Innovation at SlashData

C-level Metrics to Unlock Community-led Growth

Linda Lian, CEO and Co-Founder of Common Room

Anna Filippova, Director of Community and Data at dbt Labs

How education helps developers reach purchasing decisions and product adoption* Nate Aune - Founder & CEO at Appsembler

Konstantinos Korakitis - Director of Research at SlashData

⚡ Lightning Talks

Why should Neurodiversity be part of your DevRel Playbook

Chris Riley - Sr. Manager, Developer Relations at HubSpot

How Can My Team Support a Junior Developer Advocate?

Rizel Scarlett - Developer Advocate & ERG Leader at GitHub

Your Checklist as a First DevRel Hire in a Startup

Cat McGee - Head of Developer Relations at Hype Partners

The aspiring developer: What ambitions are driving professional software development careers?

Simon Jones, Data Storyteller at SlashData


*Invite-only sessions as part of Milestone Day on Oct 12. RSVPs are limited to leadership roles, Directors and CXOs.

Redeem your pass for either or both event days at


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