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Community Voice: What should the industry talk more about?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

What important opportunities, challenges and trends are not being discussed enough? Tell us what you think here.

We also asked the DevRelX Community members to share their take on what the Developer Relations industry is not vocal enough about. Continue reading to learn what they said!

What are the most common challenges you or your DevRel peers face? What topics would like to open a conversation about? Take part in the DevRelX Summit 2022 and voice your ideas. Learn more at

Kudos to our members for valuable insights! This week's Community Voice features Tessa Kriesel, Daniel Bryant, Chris Riley, Michael Hall, Sean Falconer, Ahmad Awais, Ash Ryan Arwine, and Juliette Chevalier.

Want to be part of the community conversation and connect with peers? Join the DevRelX Community where everyone is welcome to contribute to discussions that matter.


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