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Driving Impact in the Age of AI: DevRelX Summit 2023 Lineup

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

CFP is now closed, and we have already confirmed the first round of speakers and their sessions! Here is all you need to know about joining DevRelX Summit 2023!

📅 Date & Place: Oct 25-26 | Online

🎟️ Admission: Register | Free

🤖 Theme: Driving Impact in the Age of AI

DevRelX 2023 Lineup

We will get together to explore how AI is shaping the future of developer ecosystems and the ways in which DevRel professionals can harness its potential to create meaningful and impactful experiences. Here are some of the key sessions we will have in store for you!

Panel Discussions

“What it means to be a developer in the Everything GPT era?”

Hosted by Katherine Miller, Marketing Leader and Consultant and joined by:

Sean Falconer, Head of Marketing & DevRel at Skyflow

Leandro Margulis, VP of Product at Prove

Rizel Scarlett, Staff Developer Advocate at TBD.

“One developer program, multiple audiences: How to think about content curation that matters to them?”

Hosted by Ray Stephenson, Sr. Director, Developer Relations at Cisco and joined by: Tessa Kriesel, Head of Platform DevRel, Snap Inc.

Kevin Blanco, Senior DevRel Advocate at Appsmith

Esther Agbaje, Developer Advocate at Directus

“2.0 of your DevRel team - How DevRel teams can use AI today?”

Hosted by Ash Ryan Arnwine, Director of Developer Relations at Nylas and joined by:

Jon Gottfried, Co-Founder, Major League Hacking

Joyce Lin, Director of Developer Relations, Postman

Kerri Shots, Principal API PM, Adobe

Lightning Talks

Let’s unleash human intelligence to make the most out of AI and push the known boundaries. Join us as we share insights, and meet industry leaders who shape the future of DevRel in the era of AI!

  • "Building learning communities that scale with developers"

🎙️ Lisa Tagliaferri, Senior Director, Developer Education at Chainguard

  • “What I learned by building an AI-powered chatbot for our documentation site”

🎙️ Todd Kerpelman, Developer Plaidvocate at Plaid

  • "Conferences and Communities: How to take the most out the them?"

🎙️ Jonathan Vila, Developer Advocate at Sonar

  • "Fear of being replaced? Key to a winning partnership with Generative AI"

🎙️ Meredith Hassett, Developer Advocate at Canva

  • "Future-Proofing Your Career: The Low-Code and AI Way"

🎙️ Paulo Tavares, Director, Developer Relations at OutSystems

Stay tuned as the full agenda will be announced soon!

Want to join us as an Event Partner? Get in touch!

If you’re looking to elevate your brand, network with industry leaders, and support the growth of the DevRel communities, join us as an event partner! This is a unique opportunity for organizations to showcase their products, services, and thought leadership to a highly influential audience. Are you looking for:

  • Networking

  • Thought leadership opportunities

  • Recruiting talent

  • Showcasing what makes you stand out

  • Or engaging with the DevRel community?


Then don't miss this chance to elevate your brand, network with industry leaders, and support the growth of the DevRel communities. We look forward to partnering with you to make the DevRelX Summit 2023 a success!


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