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What makes a developer program successful?

This is the billion-dollar question. We are in a pursuit to answer it for you through our Developer Program Leaders survey, so you can use our data to make the best decisions. Our 2020 edition is a new chance for developer programs leaders to be part of a global community who shares experiences and best practices on getting the highest Return on Investment from your developer programs.

This short survey (8-10 minutes) addresses topics like the following:

  • FTE headcount for your developer marketing, developer relations, and developer tooling activities.

  • Budget for developer marketing, developer relations, and developer tooling activities.

  • Gain you estimate that an additional onboarded developer brings to your organisation over their lifetime.

  • The way you justify the budget for your developer program to upper management?

And once you have completed it, you will get:

  • Access to data showing how developers learn how to code. How many learn while on the job?

  • In a draw to win one of 10 copies of our “Developer Marketing & Relations: Essential Guide” 2nd Edition book.

Can we count you in?

Take our short survey here.

Note: Your feedback will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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