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Understand developer ecosystems with Christina Voskoglou

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Trick questions of the week:

Do you understand developers?

This is the starting point: understanding your developer audience, their needs and preferences and segmenting them, using data to make decisions and boost your marketing activities' performance.

This is also among the most common questions vendors and developer program leaders ask Christina Voskoglou, SlashData’s Senior Director of Research and today’s episode guest.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Developer ecosystems and who is included in them (spoiler alert: may include people who do minimal coding)

  • The evolution of developer ecosystems these past 10 years

  • The biggest changes seen, what drove those and how different technologies drive the future

  • Hyped technologies: do they fade away or evolve to solve other problems?

  • The most common questions asked by developer program leaders.

This episode wraps up an amazing Season 2. We can't thank you all for being with us, in this journey.
Season 3 will be back this fall.

Listen to this episode to better understand developers and unlock key insights to the developer ecosystem, from the person who knows it best.

Graph Christina discusses in our “Let’s talk Data” section: Where Machine Learning developers deploy their code.

Christina Voskoglou is responsible for all of SlashData’s research products and heads the analyst and operations teams. With more than 19 years of experience in data science, data mining, BI and CRM design, she leads all research for SlashData, from planning and methodology, survey design, and data analysis, to insights generation and research commercialisation. Christina is also behind SlashData’s outcome-based developer segmentation model and is the leading SlashData researcher in Machine Learning and Data Science.


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