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The goals and future of developer events with Jana Boruta

Theme of the week:

What was the last physical event you went to?

You probably guessed today's theme: Events Speaking of events, the Future Developer Summit will be back on March 10 to talk about "DevRel, the next day". You can claim your free community pass here or grab your Though Leader pass to access the exclusive MasterClass. Do you miss attending physical events? Surely many of us do. In this episode we welcome Jana Boruta, Community Builder & Experiential Marketer at Hashicorp to talk about:

  • What she loves most about events

  • The biggest challenges in organising developer events as well as goals and priorities

  • Why developer-focused events are important

  • How she encourages interaction in their events

  • How she pivoted the strategy in 2020

  • Whether virtual events are a good thing

  • The future of events

Listen to this episode to see what makes an event great and what's in the future of developer-focused events.

Let’s talk Data This is the graph we discuss with Jana: Documentation, tutorials, tools, and community engagement are the core of developer programs. Trends page now has a new look and fresh graphs! Make sure to check it out.

Jana Boruta's speciality and passion include developing community and experiential marketing programs for early-stage startups. Since 2008, She has been an early employee of high-growth technology startups, including Engine Yard, Prismatic, New Relic, and HashiCorp for six years now. She started building their offline and online community programs and these programs helped create widespread awareness of open source tools used by millions today. In 2020, she launched EpicConf.


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