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Hot off the Press: Developers’ needs due to COVID-19, DevOps, Languages and more

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

2020 feels unparalleled to any other (challenging) recent year.

Still, not all life as we know it must change.

While we should maintain a physical distance, the distance between us and the understanding of developers is shortened with the insights published in each new State of The Developer Nation.

The 19th Developer Economics global survey wave ran from June to August 2020 and reached more than 17,000 developers in 159 countries. Hot off the press “State of the Developer Nation” report presents developer trends for Q3 2020 and beyond with a focus on six major topics:

and highlights:

Developers’ extra needs due to COVID-19

  • Four in ten developers report that they need more flexibility in working hours/workload as a consequence of COVID-19.

  • Developers responsible for tooling specifications and for approving budgets and expenses are in the greatest need of increased security, performance, and cloud space.

What do developers value in open source?

  • Developers appreciate collaborating and interacting with the open-source community more than contributing to open-source projects.

  • South Asian developers highly value contributing to open-source projects, positioning this region to drive the next wave of open-source development.

  • Developers who are building apps and extensions for third party ecosystems, on average, value contributing and forking more than developers in other sectors.

Programming language communities – an update

  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language by a wide margin, with 12.4M developers globally using it. Nearly 5M developers joined the JavaScript community in the last three years.

  • Python now counts 9M users, after adding 2.2M net new developers in the past year alone, outranking Java at the beginning 2020.

  • Kotlin is one of the fastest growing language communities, having increased more than twofold in size since the end 2017.


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