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DevRel, the next day: From tactics to strategy

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The Future Developer Summit will - for the 6th consecutive year- bring together Developer Marketing, Developer Relations, Advocacy and Evangelism industry leaders to share best practices, look at and shape the industry's future.

Empowering the Developer Relations & Marketing Community

Future Developer Summit’s series will tackle one main theme:

DevRel, the next day.

At each episode, we will dive into a different subject, all of which aim at answering the burning question - what does the future of DevRel hold?

  • Data-backed industry insights

  • The latest developer trends

  • Unique learning opportunities for the community

  • Panel discussions with industry leaders

  • Networking break-outs


  • Thought Leaders (CXO Pioneers and program leaders) are invited to join exclusive sessions: Invite-only Master Classes and Director-level Networking. Request an invite.

What's different in 2021?

The Summit’s first virtual edition in 2020 was joined by a record number of community members with over 400 attendees and 30 top-notch speakers with a Net Promoter Score of 87! In 2021 the Future Developer Summit takes another step forward. Attendees can enjoy the benefits of remote by joining a series of events that create an end-to-end learning and networking experience, together with the developer marketing community.

The Future Developer Summit 2021 will come in a series of 4 events throughout the year, called episodes and will take place on:

March 10 | June 9 | October 6 | December 9

Episode 1: From Tactics to Strategy

The focus of the first episode is how you can move from everyday tactics to strategic thinking and long-term mindset.

Here's the full agenda (time shown in PT)

08:00 Welcome Address

Andreas Constantinou, Founder & CEO at SlashData

08:10 Ιndustry Panel

Alicia Spivak, Sr. Director, Developer Relations at Okta

Daniele Bernardi, Staff Platform Growth, Developer Relations at Twitter

Chris Castle, Director, Developer Advocacy at Salesforce Heroku

08:40 Break

08:45 Developer Trends Update Q1, 2021

The next day of the COVID-19 pandemic: The current and lasting effects on how developers work and learn.

Kostas Korakitis, Research Operations Manager at SlashData

09:00 Community Networking

09:10 Master Class*

The value a developer brings: What to consider when calculating a developer’s lifetime value.

Christina Voskoglou, Sr. Director of Research at SlashData

10:00 Though Leader Networking*

* Accessible to Thought Leader Pass holders.


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