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Developer Program Leaders Forum #1: Meeting Challenges and Scaling Sustainably in 2023

As you already know, we started this year trying to answer, among others, a burning question - What are the main challenges for developer programs?

We just closed our 10th Developer Program Leaders survey, where our goal as always, was to understand your and your peers' challenges, how other DevRel professionals prioritise resources and activities, justify the value of their developer program, and offer insights into how you compare against industry’s practices, especially in the times of uncertainty.

Now, we want to offer you and the rest of the community access to data, allowing for data-backed decisions to make your developer program aligned with developers’ priorities and make them want to keep coming back!

A big thank you if you supported our recent survey by adding your voice and spreading the word. If you missed the opportunity to chime in - keep an eye out for the next one! As always, DevRelX Community members get the news first. 😉

Developer Program Leaders Forum

Now that the survey results are in, it’s time to look into its findings together!

On May 11th we are hosting an interactive session where we will discuss Q1, 2023 key findings and their impact on the industry. And we would love for you to be a part of it!

Save the date & RSVP here

Join if you're in pursuit of answering questions like:

  • What are the main challenges DevRel professionals are facing in 2023?

  • How you can use your available resources to meet these challenges and scale sustainably?

  • How you can turn the knowledge you already have into wisdom that will help you unlock developer-led growth?

This session will be supported by our Data Journalist, Richard Muir, who will present the survey results and address your questions live. We'll also have a panel of Developer Program Leaders Forum experts and community members joining us for the discussion.

We strongly believe that open discussions, community support and knowledge sharing are key to success and innovation in our industry, individually and collectively. Join us if you feel the same!

Transforming words into action, we are taking it a step further and introducing Developer Program Leaders Forum as an extension to our last year’s roundtables.

The Forum will consist of DevRelX community members and ambassadors, inspiring, creative and thought-leading Developer Relations professionals. The Forum will come together twice a year, with experts taking turns each time, to discuss the latest Developer Program Leaders survey results and industry trends.

Meet our experts

Let’s welcome our first Developer Program Leaders Forum crew - Katie, Wesley, Vera, Yuri and Kamran!

To get to know them better or source additional inspiration, we invite you to take a look at some of the knowledge nuggets they have already shared with our community.

Katie Miller

Director, Developer Marketing, Slack

Wesley Faulkner

Sr. Community Manager, AWS

Yuri Santana

Developer Relations Advocate, Fonoster

Vera Tiago

Manager, Developer Advocacy, OutSystems

Kamran Ayub

DevTool Onboarding Specialist, Lovely DevEd

Kamran is always sharing fantastic insights and tips with our members on a spectrum of topics in Developer Education, and tooling. To name a few:

Are you in?

Join the first-ever Developer Program Leaders (DPL) Forum session on May 11 to contribute to the discussion and support our future surveys and if you’d share the spotlight at the next edition!

🙋 Would like to host the next community-led session? Connect with our team!

To enable learning and experience sharing among our community members, we bring you DevRelX Community Sessions, hour-long online roundtable discussions.

Each session is facilitated by a prominent community member and prompts peers to discuss challenges and share insights on topics that matter to the community the most!


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