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2020 Number of Developers and their communities worldwide

How many developers are there?
What are the world’s largest dev communities?

This month, we are refreshing your knowledge on:

  • How many developers live in the world

  • Where in the world they live

  • Which is their programming languages of choice

  • Which are the world’s largest communities

Analyzing the results of our latest survey, we bring you current-day data so you can instantly find the community and size-driven answers you are looking for, through our Developer Population Calculator and the 1 Million Developer Club.

With zero cost. These insights are our way of giving back to the community.

What is your goal?

Goal: Understand the developer population

Solution: The Developer Population Calculator

In the developer population calculator, you can find insights from 3 core graphs:

  1. Number of developers,

  2. Geographic region and

  3. Programming language used

At the same time, you can create custom query combinations, to distil the data to show only those that match your needs.

Goal: Measure the size of popular developer communities

Solution: The 1 Million Developer Club

The 1 million developer club is a live watchlist of developer communities (large-scale tech platforms, open-source, language communities etc.) featured against the 1-million registered developers benchmark.

In the 1 Million Developer Club we measure the size of the world’s largest communities and rank them based on that size. From 40M to >1M, see which communities attract most developers.

Latest update: Postman and DZone and programming language communities.


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