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The State of Cloud Native Development: A new survey report!

by Kim McMahon for the CNCF Staff Blog

We have an exciting new asset to share with you today!

We recently commissioned SlashData, a research firm that surveys more than 40,000 developers annually, to develop an exclusive report for use by our community. 

The State of Cloud Native Development Report is based on SlashData’s Developer Economics survey, which reached 17,000+ respondents from 155 countries and was carried out between June and August 2019.

Some key findings from the report include:

  • 4.7 million cloud native developers exist around the globe.

  • These developers are focused more in Europe and North America than any other region.

  • Kubernetes users are more likely to influence buying decisions.

  • 68% of cloud native developers are using AWS as a cloud hosting provider.

There was also some interesting crossover with our recent Cloud Native Survey, including some very similar findings.


According to our survey, 78% of respondents were using Kubernetes in production.

According to SlashData, this represents 1.7 million developers across the globe that are using Kubernetes. SlashData also found that 68% of developers not using the upstream Kubernetes use AWS ECS or EKS.

The CNCF report, on the other hand, found that Amazon EKS is the most popular tool for managing containers at nearly 30%.


We found that at least 41% of respondents are using serverless technologies. SlashData found that 3.3 million developers are using serverless architectures and cloud functions.

Both surveys had similar findings for serverless tools developers are using; CNCF survey found that 53% of developers using hosted platforms use AWS Lambda. According to SlashData, this is 51% or 1.7 million developers.

Data Center Approaches

While SlashData’s report broke out private cloud and on-premise, results from both reports were very similar in terms of what cloud environments developers are using. Both surveys allowed for multiple responses to this question.

In the CNCF report, public cloud was the most popular data center approach at 62%. 45% of respondents indicated they were using private cloud/on-premise. While hybrid was a new response for 2019, it was selected by 38% of respondents, indicating that it is a widely used approach.

SlashData’s report showed that 58% of cloud-native developers were running code on a public cloud, 47% on a private cloud, 47% on on-premise, and 36% on a hybrid cloud.

Download the report, and let us know what you think!

Your feedback is important to us. Did you find the report useful? Is there additional data you would like to see? Let us know, and you can help us shape any future reports we develop or commission!


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