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[Slashdata Webinar] Segmenting Developers into personas

Mankind is diverse, so are developers.

Developers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you group them by the technologies they use, their coding background, their professional status, their demographics or their motivations, the conclusion is the same. The developer population is not a single homogeneous mass that may be expected to behave in a coherent way.

Homogeneity comes with proper segmentation

How do you effectively target your marketing efforts when your developer audience is so diverse?

The answer lies with segmentation. To maximise return on your outreach efforts you need to segment the developer population into homogeneous groups that are more likely to respond to your outreach messaging.

Meet the developer personas:

  1. The Young Learner

  2. The Young Professional

  3. The Emerging Extender

  4. The Middle Standard

  5. The Seasoned Decision Maker

  6. The Inexperienced Loner

What the webinar presents:

A. If and how developer marketing leaders use segmentation as part of their outreach efforts

B. How to create homogeneous segments that do not overlap

C. Pros and Cons of segmenting per specific criteria

Presented by Christina Voskoglou, Director of Research, SlashData

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