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Future Developer Summit Speakers in 42 seconds

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

These are the speakers of the upcoming Future Developer Summit.

Tickets are free. Grab them here.

More speakers to be announced soon. Current lineup:

Jono Bacon, Community and Collaboration Strategy Consultant and Author at Jono Bacon Consulting

Sam Ramji, Chief Strategy Officer at DataStax

Chris DiBona, Director of Open Source at Google

Nithya Ruff, Executive Director, OSPO at Comcast

Stormy Peters, Director of Open Source Programs Office at Microsoft

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director at Eclipse Foundation

Grace Francisco, VP, Global Developer Relations & Education at MongoDB

Anni Lai, Head of Open Source Operations and Marketing, Cloud at Futurewei

Tobie Langel, Principal and founder at UnlockOpen

Satya Singh, Principal Product Manager - Platform & Marketplaces at Expedia

Melissa Evers-Hood, VP, Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software at Intel

Chris Kelly, Director, Open Source and Engineering Engagement at Saleforce

Priyanka Sharma, General Manager at CNCF

Mark Lavi, DevOps and Automation Solutions Architect at Nutanix

Adam FitzGerald, VP, Developer Relations at HashiCorp

Tracy Miranda, Director of Open Source Community at CloudBee

Duane O'Brien, Head of Open Source at Indeed


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