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Empowered Communities with Jono Bacon

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Trick question of the week: Why should you invest in a community and how can you empower your community?

That's a difficult one, unless you look at the value a community gives your business. If you've been following this podcast for a while, you have noticed how often the importance of communities comes up. That's because their value can be huge!

How huge? Such that if you wanted to pay for it you probably couldn't afford it.

Today's episode is -you guessed it- all about communities. We're joined by Jono Bacon who comes with rich insights on:

  • How to create your community

  • How to empower it to grow

  • How to measure its success

  • How to avoid common mistakes

A must-listen if you care about communities.

Jono will join the Future Developer Summit for a fireside chat. Is there something you'd like to hear about at FDS? Tweet about it.

Jono Bacon is an industry-leading consultant, author, advisor, and speaker. He previously served as Director of Community at Canonical, GitHub, and XPRIZE and runs Jono Bacon Consulting where he provides community strategic development, leadership, and advisory services.


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