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Community Voice: What about DevRel community inspires you?

The DevRelX Community Voice column is one of a few ways we invite our community members to share ideas and solve challenges around various topics like DevRel strategy, metrics, career growth, and just DevRel’s day-to-day.

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Inspiration & Learning in DevRel Community

We asked our members what it is that they continue learning from their peers, and at the same time, what they would advise others in the field irrespectively of their level of experience

Liz Cohen Head Of ContentHead Of Content, Hetz Ventures
Liz Cohen, Head Of ContentHead Of Content, Hetz Ventures

For me, it’s humility - everyone seems to be learning and open to learning all the time, so it feels less impostery to try to come in and ask things and understand and grow in these topics.

Victor Becerra, Lead Organizer, TEDxCaracas

Lately, I have learned that the area of Communities in an organization is getting increasingly autonomous and independent. I say this because before I used to see how community building was relegated to a sub-area of marketing or talent supply, but now in conversations with my peers I see how

the strategic importance of communities is highlighted and how business models are moving towards the creation of communities over having a target audience for a lot of reasons.

For me it is very inspiring to know this since communities are incredible spaces for innovation, they empower all their members and the strongest connections are always based on mutual trust.

 Lead Developer Advocate & Engineering StewardLead Developer Advocate & Engineering Steward Aragon
Juliette Chevalier, Lead Developer Advocate & Engineering Steward, Aragon

Loved learning about the data in the space. It gave me a great overview of who I’m speaking to and how to tailor my content best.

Vishal Pallerla Developer Advocate, DevZero
Vishal Pallerla Developer Advocate, DevZero

Recent conversations I've had with many individuals with diverse DevRel expertise have taught me not to be afraid of experimentation.

What you perceive to be a successful strategy by a community/organization might not have been their direct approach, but rather the outcome of numerous experiments they conducted prior to settling on a particular course of action.

With that said and in light of the fact that no two communities or organizations are the same, I encourage everyone to try a variety of things and figure out what works best for them.

Deborah Emeni Back-end & Blockchain Developer, Floor 
Deborah Emeni, Back-end & Blockchain Developer, Floor 

I believe that learning better ways to engage with community members is critical to improving your DevRel experience, as an active and viable community is crucial to the Scalable product for various companies. Improving one’s ability to speak at events and conferences is also very important. It should be an area that is constantly improved.

The DevRel Community inspires me because it is an active and vibrant community full of developers from various fields and expertise.

As a result, it serves as a platform for peer collaboration, connection, and learning.


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