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Coming up: Contribution to Open Source webinar

🖥 We have a new webinar coming up!

Contribution to Open Source Software: Who and why?  21 May 2020 | 18:00 London Register here

Open source software is a big part of the developer world. Not only does every category of developer tools have at least some open source alternatives, but some areas are completely dominated by open source offerings. 

It’s a major part of developer culture, embodying the widely shared values of sharing code, knowledge, and best practices among developers. This is why on this webinar you will learn: A. The reasons why developers contribute to open source software and how companies contribute to and support open source communities. B. How companies fit open source software into their businesses. C. How relevant is the open source support offered by non-profit organisations. D. Q&A - You’ll have a chance to ask and get the answers you need Limited number of attendees. Act soon.


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