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B2D Content Marketing Strategy with Ofir Nachmani

Theme of the week

Why do you need a content plan on top of a marketing plan?

In our latest episode of the DevRelX podcast, we talk about content marketing for developer audiences. We are joined by Ofir Nachmani, the CEO of IamOnDemand to talk about:

  • Why does a B2D company need a tech content marketing strategy & planning

  • Where and how do you start building such a plan?

  • How do you create tech content that developers will like and engage with?

  • What tips would you offer to a B2D marketer?

  • What are some best practices for building a tech content production machine?

Listen to this episode to better understand how to produce and use content to boost your marketing goals.

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Ofir Nachmani is a business technology advisor, blogger and lecturer. Ofir's extensive experience in the world of business technology has made his critically acclaimed blog,, the go-to guide for modern technology startups and developers in the world of cloud computing. Today he advises organisations, leading them through new IT market modifications, while building and executing a modern go-to-market strategy.


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