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20 years in developer relations with Jeff Sandquist

Trick question of the week:

Should we spend less time trying to define developer relations and more connecting one on one?

Yes. It’s time.

Season 3 is back!

We’re ecstatic to be bringing you insightful episodes again and for the start of a new season, we couldn’t ask for a better one! This week we welcome to the podcast Jeff Sandquist, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President.

In this episode we discuss:

- Why content is key and why your documentation should be “5 minutes to wow!”

- The traits and characteristics of a great developer relations professional

- Tips for those who are new to developer relations

- Best ways to connect with developers

- Online events during a pandemic

- Microsoft Learn and LearnTV

Listen to this episode for 20 years of experience on how to better understand developer relations and be better at it and connect with developers.

Jeff Sandquist is a Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. He leads Developer Relations, focused on reinventing Microsoft’s relationship with software developers around the globe. His team includes a full corpus of technical online content (, and, a full stack engineering team that builds and operates the infrastructure for online content serving nearly tens of millions of monthly active users, an international team that localizes our products and content in 64 languages, a world-class developer advocacy team and the responsibility for partnering with the sales and marketing field leadership to land the rich resources offered with Microsoft customers and partners.


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