Senior Developer Advocate at Retool

San Francisco, CA, USA

About the job

Why we're looking for you
You know what makes developers tick. You can create content that conveys the value of our product, identify exciting use cases, write and teach about our product and its ecosystem (React, Firebase, MongoDB, SQL, etc.), and inspire and connect with developers.
You are a developer, but have a marketing mind in the best sense of the word: you know how to spread the word and convey a message in a way that’s authentic, compelling, and useful to the audience.

What you'll do
Your role will revolve around spreading the word about Retool by enmeshing yourself in the right developer communities, identifying speaking and content opportunities, and executing on them. Content has been a key lever of Retool’s growth, and we are excited to double down on it. You’ll have a high degree of freedom and flexibility to choose technical topics , projects, and formats (blog posts, videos, lighting demos, conference talks…), while focusing on measurement, and helping replicate success with proven formats and channels. You’ll also be making sure that everything we put out in the world is accurate, credible, and attractive to developers.

Who you'll work with
You’ll be a part of a small but mighty marketing team that’s 1) metrics-driven, and 2) deeply committed to providing value to developers. At the same time, your role is highly cross-functional, and in an extremely supportive and collaborative environment at that. You’ll be working with growth, engineering, and community teams to unearth interesting use cases, stories and opportunities, all with the goal of attracting more developers to Retool.

Note that we are simultaneously hiring for a Head of DevRel, and it is likely that you will report to this person after they are hired.

In this role, you'll:
Create content to educate, inspire, and equip technical audiences with tools and techniques that make them better at their craft (and internal tools)
Collaborate with different teams, guest authors, customers and content partners, to come up with topic ideas
See demos and technical content all the way through production, publishing, and social distribution
Help identify speaking opportunities and conference sponsorships, hackathons, and other opportunities to reach more developers with content
Research and report on trends in software — from internal tools to languages, frameworks and databases — and share Retool’s perspective in ways that add value and drive conversations for developers
Contribute technical review to various marketing initiatives and content — from product launches to tweets, and serve as marketing’s very candid consultant on keeping things—from voice and tone to copy and images—developer-friendly
We are open to a variety of backgrounds and experiences, as long as:
You are a developer yourself. You’ve built an app or two, appreciate scripting and love a good API
You have experience with and enjoy engaging with developers
You have samples of published spoken or written developer-focused content
You are creative, nimble, and focused. You love to learn and grow
You have excellent communication and organizational skills
In an ideal world, you have experience in React, and are plugged into relevant communities