Head of Developer Experience at Retool

San Francisco, CA, USA

About the job

Why we're looking for you
Developers spend a lot–in some cases most–of their time building internal tools. But the frameworks and tools they use haven’t evolved at the same pace as the rest of the web app world has. At Retool, we’re focused on empowering developers to create more resilient, powerful tools in a fraction of the time.

Over the past year our business has been growing at breakneck speed. Today teams at Brex, DoorDash, Coinbase, Plaid, and thousands of other companies large and small use Retool for mission-critical internal tooling. We’ve gone from 20 to 120 people in the last 18 months, and are backed by the best investors in the world like Sequoia and the founders of GitHub, Stripe, Plaid, Gusto, PagerDuty, Segment, etc.

From the very beginning, we’ve been customer- and community- centered. We’ve got a thriving Slack group, one of the most active forums in developer tools, and a fierce focus on product feedback. We’ve been able to recruit an exceptional documentation writer, and our first DevX engineer.

As we gear up for the next phase of growth, we’re looking for a talented leader to own the developer experience at Retool across our community, documentation, and content (among other things).

Who you are
Above anything else, you care about developer experience. You know that a great product is only a piece of the puzzle, and that what makes a truly great developer-focused company is how you talk to, engage with, and support developers. You’ve found your calling at the intersection of engineering, community, developer enablement, and running great teams. You know what great DevX looks like, how it is measured, and what best practices are hard to measure but essential.

You’re ready to devote the next part of your career to an exciting and critically important developer product, and know how to create and foster a web of people and connections to spread the word about it. You believe in product-first, bottoms-up growth, but are not afraid of the right marketing techniques to spread the word.

What you'll do
Your goal in this role is to build the best developer experience on the planet, earning the love of (a lot) more developers everywhere. We'll take your guidance on the right KPIs, team, and relationships to accomplish that.

In this role, you'll:
Lead a talented group of people focused on developer experience, from community to content to events, and recruit the right team(s) to focus on developer awareness.
Develop a strategic plan and a tactical roadmap for the team so they can ship and show impact
Partner with product onboarding and expansion teams, engineering, and growth to further improve the experience of our developers in our product and surrounding ecosystem, including getting relevant feedback from our community
Make sure that the senior leadership and key stakeholders are aligned on developer experience strategy and impact
Closely collaborate with content, PMM, and PR teams to help find ideas, guest authors, customers and content partners, and ideally contribute content yourself
Keep a close pulse on trends in software—from internal tools to languages, frameworks and databases— and be ready to form Retool’s position and perspective in ways that add value and drive conversations for developers
Be a trusted advisor to company leadership, marketing and product teams
The skillset you'll bring:
Experience building and growing Developer Relations or Developer Experience teams. You have a great network, and creative ways to find and recognize potential hires. You know how to keep the team focused and add value to the business in a measurable way
Experience in the front end ecosystem, and the knack for finding unique areas where Retool can shine
Opinionated approaches to specific technical knowledge areas that relate to Retool like React, Redux, etc.
A demonstrated ability to get stuff done. In an ideal world, you’ve worked in a fast-growing company, and know what we should be doing today, and in a year and two
Great communication skills: you’ll be the face of Retool in the world, and make everyone in the company proud of the DevX team