Developer Relations Manager, Web Front End Development at Google

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

About the job

In Internal Developer Relations, we collaborate and connect with communities that love technology as much as we do. Our team interacts with developers across Google at conferences as well as online, and advocates for developer interests and needs internally at Google. Our focus is on supporting first-party developers who build applications for Google products and supporting Google's infrastructure platforms.

In this role, you will write sample code, author client libraries, working with strategic partners and teams to facilitate and organize our developer communities. As a Developer Relations Manager, you will connect with developers and speak about cutting-edge technologies on conference panels and classes. Your work will foster a community of developers within Google and will help drive strategy around developer relations. You will create codelabs, run trainings, support developers to troubleshoot and debug technical problems encountered by developers. In collaboration with infrastructure teams, you will improve products by conveying feedback from developers, reviewing and contributing to API designs, writing production ready code, and testing new features.

The Core team builds the technical foundation behind Google’s flagship products. We are owners and advocates for the underlying design elements, developer platforms, product components, and infrastructure at Google. These are the essential building blocks for excellent, safe, and coherent experiences for our users and drive the pace of innovation for every developer. We look across Google’s products to build central solutions, break down technical barriers and strengthen existing systems. As the Core team, we have a mandate and a unique opportunity to impact important technical decisions across the company.

Minimum qualifications:
5 years of experience in management and leadership
Experience in a technical consulting role and software development
Experience with JavaScript, Java, C++, and/or other similar languages
Experience with API/SDK development and developer infrastructure

Preferred qualifications:
Experience with large group communications and presentations
Experience with infrastructure design

Advocate for internal engineers, influencing product strategy of internal infrastructure, frameworks, and libraries by working with cross-functional teams
Partner/consult with Google teams to ensure successful implementation of internal Web products (such as Angular), and create momentum and drive the success of the products
Improve and standardize the developer experience for internal Server infrastructure stack, and educate developers on best practices for creating web applications
Provide support for partners and developers, and help partners design integrations, fix bugs, improve UX, and solve problems at scale
Work on the core source code of Google's products and infrastructure, reproduce, and/or fix issues that are affecting our users