Developer Relations Lead at Pocket Network

Tampa, Remote

About the job

The ideal candidate operates like many of our Web3 friends do; they’re deeply curious about all corners of Web3, passionate about the principles of open-source, and have an obsessive attention to detail.

Because Pocket Network is chain-agnostic node infrastructure in service of DApp developers, you’ll need to get comfortable with a breathtaking breadth of knowledge – how to build DApps and run nodes for every blockchain, via Pocket Network – and become an inspirational voice for the Web3 ecosystem.

What you’ll be doing:
Developer Education – growing into the gold-standard source of technical information for the Pocket Network community and wider Web3 ecosystem, producing educational content ranging from written blogs to video tutorials, hosting events such as virtual office hours in Discord and in-person workshops at hackathons
Developer Support – working with engineers to triage issues ranging from user error (e.g. inefficient calls to full nodes) to Pocket Network bugs
Developer Onboarding – being the point of contact for inbound Portal users and referring high-value developers to our Marketplace team
Developer Evangelism – working with our Marketing team to identify content gaps, identifying external Web3 resources that should reference Pocket Network, presenting at conferences and hackathons, collaborating with Web3 developer communities, etc.
Scaling – amplifying the impact of the Developer Relations team by adopting effective support processes/tooling, recruiting Developer Relations Engineers, and establishing sustainable working relationships with community contributors

Experience using an EVM chain as a dev.
Experience/curiosity running full nodes.
Can deploy, configure and maintain POKT nodes without difficulty.
Excellent written communication skills, demonstrable by previous documentation/guides.
Excellent orator willing to speak in front of an audience (virtual and/or IRL).
Keen organizational abilities with a focus on what’s best for the users.
High-performance self-starting operator comfortable in remote-first environments.
Can design processes to make distributed working scalable and efficient.

Bonus Points:
Experience with other major blockchains or L2 (Solana, Matic(Polygon), Harmony, Avalanche, etc).
Experience managing communities.
Experience contributing to DAOs.
Strong Meme game.

Veracious curiosity for all things Web3 development.
Can toggle between leader, teammate, steward, community member.
Can toggle between “professional” and “casual” voices.
Would be doing this anyway in Web3 communities or, even better, already is.

What we are offering:
$100-150k USD Salary + POKT incentive package, depending on experience.
Healthcare/Benefits, all that jazz.
Flexible work schedule.
Opportunities to travel the world and explore digital nomad lifestyles.
Training, mentorship, and coaching from anyone in our network.
A team that feels like a family.
Many challenges to keep you engaged.