Developer Relations: Technical Content Specialist at Draft.Dev


About the job

As our next Technical Content Specialist, you'll be responsible for helping review writer applications (all our writers are full-time engineers), creating technical content plans, and performing tech reviews on content before it goes back to clients.

You'll work alongside our team of Technical Content Specialists (all current or former software engineers) and our editorial staff to learn how to produce high-quality technical content that resonates with engineers.

What You'll Be Responsible for
Helping review writer applications
Creating technical content plans and outlines for articles
Performing technical reviews on articles
Weighing in on software engineering questions our editors have
Stepping in to revise or write articles when an author is unavailable or you see an interesting topic

Skills and Experience We're Looking For
Some of these are hard requirements, some are suggestions, and others are just a bonus. If you have at least the minimum required skills, we encourage you to apply!
(Requirement) Mid-level software engineering skills with full-stack experience across a range of technologies
(Requirement) Strong English writing skills
(Requirement) Previous technical writing or editing experience
Knack for giving helpful feedback to other engineers
Interest in researching and learning new software engineering topics
Experience working in a fully-distributed team
(Nice-to-Have) Leadership interest or experience
(Nice-to-Have) Data engineering, data science, or machine learning experience

100% flexible hours, location, and (mostly) asynchronous work
Regular feedback from our team and clients
Work directly with a team of Technical Content Specialists
Help shape the direction of a quickly-growing small business
Transparent hiring process, pay rate, and company insights
Hourly contract to start with the option to transition to salary and paid time off in 6-months