Developer Community Manager at OpenBase

North America

About the job

As our first Community Manager, you will report directly to the CEO and have a significant impact and influence on the business. You’ll build and grow a community of highly technical software developers and maintainers that revolve around open-source packages. You’ll engage the community, drive recurring usage, raise awareness of Openbase across multiple channels, engage the larger developer community, and increase our followership and recognition.

We’re looking for a driven self-starter who is passionate about what we do, thrives in a small, fast-paced startup environment, loves engaging with developers, and has a proven track record of mobilizing them.

What you will be doing:
Build a thriving community of highly technical developers within, driving them to discuss various open-source packages and contribute reviews, code examples, screenshots, and info. Our community is currently focused on JavaScript and Python packages.
Make sure our community is continuously engaged and developers return regularly via emails, campaigns, rituals, events, and contests.
Raise awareness of Openbase and its benefits among developers and open-source maintainers through Twitter, Reddit, StackOverflow, GitHub, DEV, and others.
Regularly post and engage with developers on Twitter, growing our social following, as well as the awareness and buzz around our product.
Be in charge of community guidelines and policies, as well as moderating community content, foul behavior, and resolving conflict. Later, help assemble a team of administrators and moderators.
Regularly email and update community members, including a weekly newsletter with featured packages, news, and product developments.
Generate fresh community, marketing, and product strategies to further grow our community and make it more engaging and sticky. Rank, test, and execute on these ideas.

What we’re looking for:
2 - 5 years of experience in a technical Community Manager-style role - building, growing, and managing a highly-technical online developer community.
Demonstrated experience engaging and mobilizing software developers via social media, developer sites, groups, meetups, clubs, or other communities.
At least 1 year of JavaScript development experience, as a hobby or professionally
Passionate about interacting with people, and developers, in particular, all day long
Previous experience working in a dynamic startup environment

Bonus Points
Highly active in Twitter, Reddit, and developer communities like StackOverflow, GitHub, DEV, etc.
Published technical content such as articles, guides, tutorials on developer blogs, as well as video platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter Spaces
Knowledge of Python or other programming languages
Currently maintaining or contributing to open-source projects

Benefits + Perks
You'll have a significant impact on the product and roadmap. Competitive benefits package that includes unlimited PTO, comprehensive health & benefits package, wellness offerings, and a potentially life-changing stock options grant.