Developer Advocate at Warp


About the job

We’re hiring a Developer Advocate to take the reins of content and community as we enter a new phase of growth. You will help define our content and social media strategy; your goal will be to build the de facto place on the internet for people interested in the command line.
This is a rare opportunity to work on arguably the most important developer tool ever: the terminal. Every developer uses it every day. You will get to develop relationships with developers from all walks of life and backgrounds: from being a student’s first touch point into computing, to being a champion for more experienced developers looking to maximize their productivity.
Warp is also a unique opportunity to work on a tool you already use daily. You can lean on your own personal experience of terminals and the command line as you educate audiences on how best to use the product.
We are early: the team is only 13 people. You’ll also get to work on a fast moving project right from day one and shape our company culture

Areas you’ll get to drive

Technical content
Warp has a decently active blog, and a few of our posts have gotten to the front page of HackerNews (e.g. here and here). But we're still in the early stages; you’ll get to define the strategy for our content, figuring out what developers want to read and what's interesting in the world of terminals.

We also maintain documentation that has helped our users make the most out of Warp and a Github repository that helps users to extend their Warp experience. But we have only touched the surface: we will release more GitHub repositories and you’ll help define how we incentivize contributions.

Some responsibilities might include:
Writing, editing, and managing content (e.g. articles, tutorials, video demos/walkthroughs) to engage developers at scale on our social media, blog, newsletters, and marketing sites
Coordinating content produced by other team members
Producing high-quality documentation to help users make the most out of Warp and help external contributors extend Warp or contribute to Warp’s open-source projects
Social media

Warp has an active Twitter presence with a growing amount of organic shoutouts from the community. Previous posts have done well on forums like Reddit and Lobsters. You’ll get to build on this promising start by defining the strategy for social media, expanding our channels, and spreading our reach to all communities interested in the future of the command line.

Some responsibilities might include:
Driving adoption of Warp via our social channels (primarily Twitter, Reddit, and HackerNews) and engaging communities interested in the future of the command line
Organizing new product or feature launches to maximize Warp’s audience
Experimenting with new social channels such as Twitch or TikTok to drive awareness of Warp amongst developers
Community management and feedback

Warp has a nice-sized Discord server with 4K+ members. You’ll get to foster our community and transform it from a place to get support to the de-facto place for developers interested in the terminal and command line.

Some responsibilities might include:
Growing our Discord server to become the de facto place on the internet to discuss the future of the command line
Organizing community events like Twitter Spaces, IRL dinners, meetups, etc
Establishing and growing strong relationships with Warp Ambassadors who help to spread the word about Warp
Translating users’ feedback into actionable product insights. Helping influence product direction and prioritizing developer needs.

For the right candidate, additional responsibilities may include:
Building and leading a developer relations team

The ideal candidate
2+ years of engineering or coding experience and/or is familiar with modern developer workflows.
Has experience producing and managing content and various content channels
Is excited to speak with users and advocate for their needs
Is comfortable presenting to large developer audiences
Plus: Has experience building and managing communities or community marketing programs

Our Culture
We are a company run by developers, building a core product for all developers. We are committed to understanding our users deeply. We believe we will ultimately build the best product and business if that team includes developers from a wide range of backgrounds.

We value honesty, humility, and pragmatism, and our core product principle is focusing on the user. To get more of a feel for what our company values on the engineering side, please take a look at our internal How We Work guide and my blog,

Company Info
We are based in NYC and SF, but we are location agnostic, as we are building a distributed company. The only requirement is a willingness to overlap work hours with mainland US time zones.

For folks who want to work together IRL, we have a small flexible office space in Soho, NYC, but it’s purely opt-in. The role comes with a competitive salary, significant equity grant, and full benefits. We will stretch to get the right talent on board.