Developer Advocate at Render

United States

About the job

We're looking for candidates with high integrity, low ego, and an insatiable drive to learn. We use reasoned discussion and constant feedback to improve as individuals and as a company. We cultivate mutual trust and respect, empowering us to debate ideas effectively and create the best outcomes for our customers and our team.

We especially encourage members of underrepresented groups in the tech community to apply.

Our interview process is unique to each role, and we value the candidate experience just as much as our customer experience. We hope your conversations with us reflect a thoughtful process that is illuminative, enjoyable, and respectful of your time.

About the role:
As a Developer Advocate at Render, you'll create and implement advocacy strategies that cultivate a growing and engaged developer community around the Render platform. You'll inspire developers and teams to build better products faster through innovative applications that leverage Render's ever-expanding feature set. You'll write code, publish blog posts, engage in technical discussions, and help identify developer needs typically underserved by traditional Platform-as-a-Service cloud solutions. As an ambassador of Render, you'll help build Render's reputation as the developer platform of choice for deploying apps and services to the cloud.

In this role, you will:
Create and share technical blog posts, quickstarts, sample applications, tutorials, and other online content to drive adoption of Render and engage the global developer community.
Promote Render on forums, threads, online meetups, and within entrepreneurial communities.
Explore developer trends and identify opportunities for Render to support developer communities underserved by cloud providers.
Partner with Render engineers to write blog posts that showcase Render's talent density.
Support and advise third-party and open source projects offering Render as a deploy option for their users.
Represent Render through speaking engagements.

How we're dealing with COVID:
Although we prefer a mostly in-person work environment, we are working remotely until it is safe to use public transportation and gather in groups again.
We encourage everyone to take a half-day off from work every week as we can all use some time off to manage the additional stress from the pandemic.

Benefits we offer at Render:
Competitive cash and equity compensation with early exercise options and extended exercise windows.
4 weeks of paid vacation, available from day one.
12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all parents to bond with a newly born, adopted, or fostered child. We will also work with you to create a supportive plan of return.
Long-term disability, life insurance, and 401K plans.
100% employer-paid medical coverage and 99% employer-paid dental and vision coverage for you and a dependent. FSAs available too.
Monthly wellness stipend.
Continuous learning benefits & related support.