Developer Advocate (Technical Evangelist) - Cloud Native at Cisco

San Jose, CA, USA or Remote

About the job

The ideal candidate for this role has an entrepreneurial spirit, excited by the opportunity to identify needs, define a solution, and deliver it. They will serve as a technical thought leader in Cisco’s cloud native expansion, building, inspiring, and enabling the cloud developer community around application security, full-stack observability, application performance, and other focus areas. You will also represent the needs of the community to internal teams and stakeholders. A deep understanding of and empathy for cloud developers is a must.

In this role, you’ll collaborate with marketing teams on thought leadership content and initiatives to drive up relevancy and awareness of Cisco’s platform opportunities with developers building for cloud first. You’ll create video content, build sandboxes, deliver presentations at events, and engage with the community on social media. You will put your knowledge, experience, and passion to work building relationships with developers in the cloud-native community.

Who you'll work with

Cisco Developer Relations drives adoption of Cisco technologies and APIs through external developer advocacy. We combine technical and people skills to serve as the voice of the developer. We thrive on community outreach efforts such as educational events, writing technical how-to’s, and building tools such as sandbox environments for Cisco products. We have developer advocates across the globe, and we run our own platforms and keep our sandboxes ready for developers to practice their skills. You will also work closely with Cisco product teams, and our Emerging Technologies & Incubation (ET&I) group to incubate early ideas and help develop internal startup projects.

Who you are

You are a cloud developer who loves to code, tinker, and learn new technologies. You can explain complex concepts in simple terms, and you’re comfortable communicating both technical and business benefits. You are active in the cloud developer community and in your local tech community. You value innovation and understand the challenges that cloud developers face. You see the future of cloud development and can’t wait to dive in and help bring that future to life.

What you'll do

In this position, you will

Actively engage internally and externally to help define the future of cloud development
Learn and experiment with new technologies
Build a community of developers, SREs and devops engineers to show the value of Cisco cloud platforms
Be the "voice of the developer" within Cisco. Provide feedback from the developer community to Cisco teams to help build a phenomenal developer experience
Engage with related open-source communities
Present technical talks at conferences, meetups, customer workshops and virtual events
Work with technologies including Kubernetes, git, CI/CD tools, python, ansible, terraform, REST APIs
Build sample code, use cases, and presentations to drive Cisco technical credibility in traditional software development and cloud native spaces and communities
Provide contributions to outbound marketing and communications (blogging, twitter, 3rd party event presentations)
Travel to support strategic developer events around the world

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must have experience in working across organizational boundaries to achieve success.
Demonstrated success with cultivating developer communities
Candidates must have software development experience and be familiar with the use of APIs and SDKs.
Experience in software development
Experience using tools such as Terraform and Ansible desired
The position also requires a strong understanding of open source and commercial software in cloud and adjacent technologies
Strong understanding of DevOps culture and the industry’s move to cloud computing, APIs, and microservices

Desired Skills

Software design and engineering experience
A deep understanding of how to consume and design RESTful APIs.
The ability, drive, focus and independence to work in a remote setting without direct oversight
Experience writing clear, and concise developer documentation and tutorials
Experience using developer tools and APIs to build integrations or extend products.
An interest in learning new technologies and languages
Excellent time management skills for handling multiple projects and goals
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to seek out and build relationships with key stakeholders inside and outside of the company