Sr Developer Programs Engineer/Staff Developer Advocate/Developer Relations (8 positions) at RapidAPI

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RapidAPI is hiring its first-ever Developer Relations team. A team of developers program engineers, developer advocates, and two unique web creators advocate roles — DevRel Video Content and DevRel Twitter.

RapidAPI wants you to join them on a mission to making this world amazing for developers of all backgrounds. We’ll spread awareness about API development and will making it our job to improve even the tiniest bit of Developer Experience (DX) for modern web development.

RapidAPI is investing heavily in developer education. We want to make the world amazing for developers of all backgrounds. Developer Relations is a department that reports directly to the CEO, Iddo Gino — who’s an excellent developer himself — you can still find him coding almost every day. Moreover, he’s part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and a 2017 Thiel Fellow.

We also work cross-functionally with product, marketing, or engineering teams, which signifies the buy-in from the leadership team. This is an excellent opportunity because we are building multiple DevRel programs from absolute scratch.

Come on board and bring your curiosity and vision to see it through. Implement programs to make developers’ lives easier, and together let’s plan to make API Development more accessible and dependable for everyone. This DevRel team is at the heart of strengthening RapidAPI’s relation with the developer community. Join me and become a crucial part of our story.

Below you’ll find a summary of each role I’m hiring for. For detailed job descriptions, you’re better off clicking the [Apply now] button and reading it on our LinkedIn page.

Staff Developer Advocate (Video/Live-streaming) x2
DevRel Video is a new kind of role. We are looking for a DevRel leader to build the DevRel Videos program (Livestreams, Courses, Demos) — that delivers our technical content to the developer community.
We are primarily looking for Senior/Staff Web Developers with extensive experience in making technical videos and courses. Especially live streams that go beyond pair programming by letting the live audience participate, chat, do Q/A, Learn in Public, and build demo projects with different experts every week. You know the drill.

Sr. Developer Programs Engineer (x2)
Developer Programs Engineers are the engineering wing of Developer Relations. You will build and maintain DevRel related initiatives (Learn, Codelabs, Dev Blog, CLI) that deliver our technical content to the world.
We are primarily looking for Senior React developers with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and excellent frontend design experience.

Developer Advocate (DevRel Social/Twitter)
Developer Advocate (Social/Twitter) is a new kind of role. We are looking for a developer who has a knack for building and engaging with the developer community on Twitter.
You already have a developer audience engaged on your Twitter account. You know what developers care about. You can create small DevRel demos that can go viral.
If need be, you can write excellent technical content, cater to the community questions on StackOverflow, do AMAs, and build engagement on the topics that developers care about (Web Dev, API Development).

Developer Relations Content Manager
This is a role with phenomenal impact on RapidAPI’s DevRel strategy. We’re looking for an experienced technical content writer who can make complex technical products simple to follow.
You will enjoy the challenge of building the DevRel content programs from scratch. You will bring together a community of external developers contributing community content to tell a compelling story of modern API development.
You are eager to have an impact on a small team of content writers. You’ll build our content strategy, set priorities using data, and use SEO practices to drive traffic to our DevRel properties.

DevRel Content Developer (x2)
Are you a passionate and driven technical Content Developer who can create engaging developer content? We’re looking for an experienced technical content writer who can make complex technical products simple to follow.
You can quickly curate content and present it engagingly. For this role, you ideally have both a technical background and a writing background. You’ll write technical content for the RapidAPI {Learn, Stacks, Newsletter}, and our Developer-focused blog.