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We are hiring a remote developer advocate who is deeply interested in DevOps automation and developer experience.

This role is particularly challenging and exciting because we are creating a new category, Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs). You should have significant practical experience in working with DevOps automation tools, technical writing, and developer advocacy. Previous software development experience is mandatory. We pay top 5% in the market, stocks are part of the package. Work is fully remote and we work exclusively in small, lean, and self-organized teams.

Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience as a software engineer.
Solid experience in the role of a developer advocate is a plus but we also welcome engineers that want to get into that space.
Experience bringing new concepts and categories to the market.
Experience with cloud platforms and technologies including DevOps tools.
Very comfortable working autonomously.
Very comfortable owning content roadmaps and delivering content.
Very comfortable speaking to the global developer audience about the company and product.
Remote & work from a timezone UTC-1 to UTC+3 (Berlin time +/- 2 hours).

Responsibilities of the role:
Strategically shape our communication and developer relations.
Help articulate the product marketing around a new category, Internal Developer Platforms.
Enable developers to onboard fast through tutorials and articles.
Write content to promote the product, produce videos, and hold Webinars and talks.
Engage in online conversations and distribute content on the internet.

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