Senior Developer Advocate at Cube Dev

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Cube Dev is looking for an experienced developer advocate who's in love with data engineering and data visualizations.

Cube.js is used to build APIs over up to trillion data point datasets in regular databases (e.g., Postgres or MongoDB) and data warehouses (e.g., Google BigQuery or Snowflake). Such APIs serve requests with sub-second latency and high concurrency, allowing developers to build performant internal and customer-facing apps.

We want to make sure that every developer building data apps knows about Cube.js and grow Cube.js audience from thousands to millions of developers and companies. That's why we're seeking a Senior Developer Advocate to join our Developer Relations team.

In this role you will
- Contribute to Cube.js adoption and growth
- Be the voice of Cube.js developer community inside the team
- Create engaging and highly technical content (tutorials, blog posts, code examples, etc.)
- Speak at online and offline events
- The ideal candidate has previous experience in developer advocacy with a track record of content - creation and public speaking. Fluency in JavaScript and SQL is desirable, exposure to databases and - front-end frameworks is a plus.
We work remotely, provide unlimited PTO, and offer stock options.