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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for a talented, self-directed Developer Advocate to drive adoption and community engagement for AWS Mobile Services -- in particular among native iOS and/or Android developers.

The AWS Mobile Services team builds a range of services (AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, AWS Device Farm) to help developers create compelling next-generation mobile apps that can scale to hundreds of millions of users and reach global audiences. In this role, you’ll combine your unbridled passion and enthusiasm for developers with your unmatched creativity to generate grass-roots attention and support for AWS Mobile Services among developers, technologists, and key industry opinion makers.

Ideally, you’re someone who can write code with the best of them, but get great satisfaction from guiding developers and enterprises towards a technology you heartily believe in. You have immediate credibility with developers but are equally at home working with decision makers at large enterprises. You love to share your passion with others and exhibit good judgment in selecting strategic opportunities to do so. You don’t just want to be part of an industry movement, you want to be out front leading it. If this sounds like you, this is your dream job. Your responsibilities will include:
· Gaining industry recognition and credibility as a regular attendee, panelist, and keynote speaker at meetups, technology conferences, trade shows and press events
· Delivering compelling presentations, product demos, sample solutions, and discussions to drive adoption AWS Mobile Services
· Actively participating in open source projects and being a member of the open source community
· Continuing to identify leads for potential partnerships and clients and assisting with presales support
· Collaborating with internal teams to define the product roadmap, market positioning, and developer program initiatives
· Creating screencasts, white papers and tutorials about emerging technologies and industry developments
· Maintaining a strong and credible presence in social media channels relevant to developers
· Working with your worldwide counterparts to share best practices and help build a best-in-the-industry developer advocacy organization
This is a unique opportunity to join a team that is working to change the mobile industry; we aim to enable millions of people to enrich their experience with everyday mobile experiences that become smarter over time, help them leave a healthier lifestyle, and have closer and more meaningful interactions with services providers, public services and their workplaces.

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