Senior Developer Advocate, Developer Relations at Google

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As a Senior Developer Advocate, you will connect with developers and speak externally about cutting-edge technologies on conference panels, meet ups, and on blogs. Your work will foster a community of developers integrating with Google technologies and will help drive strategy around Developer Relations.

In Developer Relations, we collaborate and connect with communities that love technology as much as we do. Our team interacts with developers across the globe both at conferences as well as online, and advocates for third-party developer interests and needs internally at Google. Our focus is on supporting third-party developers who build applications and businesses on Google's platforms. Not afraid to be hands-on, you might write sample code, author client libraries, and work with strategic Google partners to facilitate and organize our developer communities.

Drive the global strategy and adoption of Google products and platforms by strategic partners and the broader developer community.
Lead the success of the product through your knowledge of, and interactions with, key third-party technical communities and partners. Improve and standardize the developer experience for all Google developer products.
Provide 1:1 support for Google partner and developers on social and open source software (OSS) platforms. Help partners design integrations, fix bugs, improve UX, and solve problems at scale.
Work on the core source code of Google's products and identify, reproduce, and/or fix issues that are affecting our users.
Advocate for developers and other Technical Practitioners internally, and influence Google developer product strategy by working with Product Management, Go-to-Market, Engineering, Support, PR, Marketing, Business Development, and other cross-functional teams.

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