Developer Relations Manager at akash

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We’re looking for a developer who is passionate about teaching and evangelizing transformative new technologies. As Akash Network’s first Developer Relations lead, you will catalyze and scale adoption of Akash DeCloud, the world’s first decentralized cloud, among Developers and DevOps.

You’ll create online and offline developer marketing programs that drive product awareness and adoption. You’ll be a passionate developer advocate and Akash ambassador working closely with our Product and Growth teams to deliver an amazing developer experience.
*Please include samples of your technical work and technical writing for consideration.

Build demos, SDKs, and implementations to bring developers to Akash DeCloud.
Develop marketing and technical content to support lifecycle usage by Developers and DevOps, including tutorials, guides, Github repos, docs, articles, email, and event presentations.
Run and optimize owned and earned developer marketing channels, including Discord, forum, events (meetups, hackathons, AMAs, live streams), technical partnerships, and webinars.
Create a DeCloud Developer program that engages early adopter prospects, users, and developer influencers.
Represent Akash as the technical voice for media engagements, and at events and conferences.

3+ years experience in developer relations or developer marketing, engaging with Developers and/or DevOps
Background in software engineering at cloud, developer, or blockchain organization a BIG PLUS
Proficient with Kubernetes and Dev/DevOps workflows including Cl/CD
B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience
Excellent verbal and written communications
Exceptional project and timeline management
Growth mindset and problem solver
Great design and data sensibilities
Deep empathy and collaborative
Passionate and ambitious

Prior experience with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platforms, enterprise software requirements, deployments, and security
Experience and passion for creating blockchain-based decentralized applications and smart contracts to build novel products
Good understanding of all things “cloud infrastructure” - architectures, optimization, scalability, etc.
Experience in decentralized public ledgers (Blockchain)
Experience with serverless technologies
Notable open source contributions