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The Edgeware Network is in need of a Developer Relations Leader to onboard developers to the platform, serve as their voice to core developers of the platform, and ultimately grow a robust developer ecosystem. Commonwealth Labs frames this role as a chain-contractor opportunity, not a traditional hire, submitted as an request-for-proposal (RFP) response, and paid according to milestone or KPI achievement from the network's on-chain treasury.

We imagine that this role will be fully responsible for the strategy and execution of their proposal, but will have support from Commonwealth Labs, a core developer of the Edgeware network. We think the ideal person will serve as Edgeware's pioneering first developer. They will explore what can be done on Substrate, provide technical update communications, serve as a liason to the ecosystem, and help run the grants program. They will create and maintain a compelling Edgeware brand specific to developers.

Recommended Prerequisites
Demonstrably familiar with OSS Development, Rust and Substrate.

Must be technical.
Proven experience in effectively creating a developer ecosystem.

Nice to have:
Built credibility and demonstrated leadership with Edgeware Community:
Contributed/s to Edgeware Core.
Attends Edgeware Community and Governance Calls.
Familiar with the Polkadot Ecosystem.
Act as Developer Zero. Test new tools, core functions, and advocating for developer experience. Lead the push for a robust smart contract ecosystem, including tracking development of Ink and EVMs, other VMs.
Track and document issues. Track and report on developments, bugs, and issues related to developer success. Help write technical updates and compelling developer-focused material on Edgeware's roadmap and improvements.

Help operate a grants program. Help run a grants program using the Edgeware treasury to source projects / devs, assist in writing proposals and communicating new proposals, and generate new proposal ideas
Support community development. Foster a healthy community globally through user group support by answering user questions and participating in communications channels.

Support developer experience. Facilitate a great experience with Edgeware for developers, and take them from awareness to being effective. Build a collection of resources for onboarding developers both online and offline meetups—hackathons, lectures, documentation at, knowledge bases, and more.

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