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cLabs is seeking engineers to join our Developer Experience Engineering team. This team is responsible for supporting and building tools to grow the Celo ecosystem.

Some of the existing tools include the ContractKit SDK, the Celo CLI, the Alfajores developer network, the Eksportisto chain data exporter, and our docs. You’ll work closely with Product, Developer Relations, and our Ecosystem Growth teams. This position is located in either Berlin or Remote.

About us
We are experienced startup founders and operators
We are mission-driven with a big goal: to bring sound currency and property rights to those who need it most
We are fast-paced and loosely-structured, with a number of offices and a growing team
We are a full-stack solution i.e. we are building both blockchain protocols and the applications that deliver end-user experiences on top of them
We are highly technical, with an accomplished team dedicated to learning and pushing boundaries
We have a strong engineering culture, which values open-source

You will
Build, document, and release tools to support the needs of developers
Provide architecture advice and engineering support to teams building on Celo
Diagnose and help fix technical issues developers face building on Celo

You have
2+ years of relevant industry experience
Past experience writing production software in any or all of these languages: JavaScript, Python, Java, Solidity, Go
Experience using the following tools: Truffle, NPM, TypeScript
Experience working with blockchains
Knowledge of blockchain application architecture
A desire to work across the stack and with multiple languages
Bonus: Experience in a similar role - Solutions Engineer, Forward Deployed Engineer, Developer Relations

What we offer:
Competitive salary, and coin plan
Beautiful office space
Team outings, TGIFs, and more

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