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The Developer Relations and Education Team are seeking a Developer Evangelist to help grow the Corda developer community in the US. Distributed applications are the next wave of technology and you can be on the front of this wave. It’s a unique role working with the world’s leading blockchain engineers and a global community of
developers. The team influences the direction of Corda development both inside and outside the company.

Engagement - Direct engagement of the developer community through (currently online) meetups, boot camps, hackathons, lectures, training and other channels of education.
Developer Support - Facilitate a great experience with Corda for developers at scale with broad reach channels such as Slack, video conference, Stack Overflow and other forums.
Developer Content - Create content to engage the developer audience through social media, videos, blogs and tutorials
Samples and demos - Help showcase Corda capabilities with code samples and demos that the community at large can leverage

Right to work in the US - We are unable to sponsor a work visa for this role.
Development skills - 1-3 years of experience as a Developer Advocate
Presentation skills. - The ability to present complex technical ideas to developers and often non-technical audiences.
Curiosity - Experience of working with blockchain is not essential but a demonstrated curiosity about the technology and its impact are critical.
Excellent written and verbal communication.
Remote opportunity. Preferable location in Washington or California.

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