Developer Advocate at WePay

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We are growing our product org and looking for a Developer Advocate who will help maintain and enhance our developer documentation and experiences.

Our documentation is the first touch point for prospective customers, as well as an ongoing resource for customers to execute, maintain, and upgrade their integrations. As customers move through the integration pipeline and perform maintenance or upgrades post-integration, our developer documentation is critical to navigating technical and business decisions.

You will be a Developer Advocate in the Developer Experience branch of the Independent Software Vendor product group. This is a varied and fast-paced role doing everything from discussing REST APIs in detail with engineers, to advocating for and contributing to the specification and design of new products, to creating technical documentation and samples. Our goal is to enhance and improve the developer’s journey, ultimately making commerce frictionless for the world’s most sophisticated software platforms.

You will make meaningful contributions to the developer documentation and experience for our complex, public SaaS API. When applying, please include links to public pages or samples of your externally facing technical writing/documentation.

What You Will Do:
Design and author new product documentation for our APIs, accessible to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Conduct interviews with subject matter experts to ensure accuracy of documentation components such as diagrams, technical blog content, resources for sales engineering, and code samples.
Study customer behavior patterns, and suggest solutions to help the user experience from first touch to launch.
Interface with client developers and PMs to collect feedback, understand product and documentation gaps, and gain insight into specific verticals and use cases.
Collaborate closely with engineering, product, and field services teams to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content and tools you produce.
Contribute to the ongoing development of the voice and style of our docs.
Maintain and edit existing content for consistency, completeness, and correctness.
Analyze and understand traffic patterns to identify popular content and build content flows.
Engage with the developer community on various channels including Github and Twitter.

What We Are Looking For:
Experience interfacing with APIs and using various tools such as Postman, cURL, and Chrome Developer Tools.
Ability to think like, and write for developers, product managers, and non-technical stakeholders.
Basic HTML editing skills and the ability to work directly with HTML and other markup languages.
Familiarity and ability with source control tools, especially git.
Excellent writing and proof-reading skills.
Strong collaboration and communication skills with experience working effectively with various cross functional team members.
A self starter who thrives in a fast-paced environment.
A visionary looking for opportunities to expand scope and responsibilities as the team grows.